Last Summer’s Dixie land adventure 

In June of last year we went on a two week road trip to South Carolina. We convinced my youngest sister to join us. We all crammed into our silver mini van and away we went!

 After 8 hours in the car we arrived in Indiana where we stayed with some good friends and also went to a pastors couple retreat which was a wonderful time of fellowship, worship and getting into the word. The kids stayed with our friends and my sister during the the retreat. A highlight was climbing the rock wall. 

After our time in Indiana was up we headed to South Carolina which was a 12 hour drive. That was a looooooong drive. We finally arrived late that night (This is where my sister and her family moved to. They were done with Wisconsin winters). It was  pretty hot and muggy down there. It was neat how you could feel the weather get hotter and hotter the deeper south we went. So we arrived! Brother were reunited.

 Cousins reunited.
  Spending long hot sweaty days together…

 … in a cemetery, very educational.

At the beach….


We ate peaches at a gas station from a guy who sold them who said he grew them himself but I think he lied.we found stickers on them from the grocery store



  More beach fun



And of course need to get some window shopping in.


Me and my baby sister with my baby

Good times!!!!!

Our drive home we took a different route going through Georgia because I wanted to check out some old civil war historical sights. We settled on Pictures point Rock where a major battle took place.

  Very pretty  

We posed    
My beautiful sister posed too.


  It was hot and squinty weather.  

It was good to get home after two weeks away. There is no place like home. 

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