Washington for Christmas 

For Christmas last year we asked the kids if they thought driving out to Washington state to visit their grandparents would make a good Christmas gift, that meaning they would not receive any presents from us accept our whole family drive to Washington. They enthusiastically agreed. Our Rottweiler was bread early that fall and we told the kids we could not leave until all the puppies were sold which would not take place until February. We decided to take the whole month  of March for this trip, 5 days to drive there and than 2 weeks in Washington and than a week to drive back. 

Woke up early on Thursday the 3 of March

Wednesday night my younger sister Erin showed up to join us on our long adventure. We finished loading up the van and packing food than went to bed. Waking up at 5 so to be on the road by 6. That first day we drove to Chicago to go to Shriners for Charlottes Dr. appointments, they all went well. After  spending the night at Ronald McDonald house we left that Friday for Minnesota.

Stopped at Horizon Christian Fellowship in La Crosse to say hello and get a latte.

Love snow

Arriving in Rodchester MN We spend the night at my friends house Michael and Anna Lawman.

This girl is fantastic, she put up with me during my teen years

They blessed us not just by putting us up for the night but also Feeding us pizza and taking my wild clan of 6 kids to play at the bounce house. The kids had tons of fun and us adults were able to get some good conversations in. Brilliant! It was a win win situation.

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