It’s the first day of Autumn and this is my favorite season. I love the colors, crisp air, sun light dancing through the trees as the leaves quietly make their way to the ground, the aroma of smoke in the air and the sound of fire wood being cut, of walking in the house with cool rosy cheeks that will soon be warmed by the coziness with in. I thank God for His faithfulness as He brings on another harvest. Isn’t He an awe-inspiring creator?

2 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Aunt Mary

    Just imagine what Heaven must be like. We can’t even comprehend how beautiful it will be!
    Those don’t look like Honduran leaves…

    1. This Thankful Heart Post author

      Ha, you are right, that picture was taken last year when in the states at Dad and Mom’s. Fall here looks like it does every day of the year the perfect summer day. Okay well not perfect, but it is beautiful just never changing. Heaven is gonna be great. In my mind no I can’t imagine the beauty but I imgaine it will be hanging out with all my best friends and family membors in the most perfect of perfect environment. Can’t wait, be seeing you there for sure!


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