Only hands

This is Ni Ni, my middle child. She is three years old

She thought she could fly.

I know this because for Christmas we got her a Tinker Bell outfit with wings and all. She was so happy, she put it on and ran off. She returned shortly and was upset. She says to me ” I can’t fwy ” and begin to cry. I tried to explain how man was not made to fly like birds but that we can fly in planes. She was still upset and seemed to think she should be able to fly. Just a few days ago she jumps off a five foot ledge trying to ” fwy “. She comes (thank the Lord injury free) to me crying that she could not fly and her reasoning was she has no wings, only hands.  She has now come to the realization that she can not fly. I am saved from the worry of her jumping off of high places but am saddened at the loss of her innocence as the world around her becomes more of a reality. No we can’t fly

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