I can not tell you how much I cherish these rainy days, to fall asleep with the sound of rain pounding on my roof, to wake up to the coolness it brings wafting through my windows in the morning. After 8 months of continual sun and heat rainy season is very welcome. With this weather it makes me want to get out more. I head out for walks on the beach when there are breaks in the down poor. There is a little more activity on the water with all the storming and turmoil at sea. It always brings back memories from my childhood years spent in Oregon. We would go to the coast often as a family.

At the Oregon coast, my dad holding me while my sister stands by

I have to say that the Caribbean can not even come close to the Pacific. The Pacific holds a majestic power for me with its huge crashing waves, frigid waters and the pungent aroma of its salt spray hangs in the back of my mind calling me to return to its noble shores.

2 thoughts on “Beaches

  1. Aunt Mary

    It doesn’t seem that long ago you were a little girl helping your mother sweep the kitchen floor. (New Carlisle house)

    1. This Thankful Heart Post author

      I don’t remember much from the New Carlisle house. Nice to know I would try to help out.


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