Making it ourselves

Being on the mission field you are not always able to find what you want in the stores and if you do it may cost an arm and a leg. So in those cases you either do with out or make it yourself. One of those things for us was peanut butter, we do have it on the island but it cost more than I want to pay at times.  So we will make it ourselves.

First we get some raw peanuts from the market

Than we roast them. You can either do it in a pan over the stove or in the oven. I have done both.

After that we got ourselves an old fashion meat grinder and would crank the peanuts through that ten or fifteen times.

This is how it looks after a few times through. It it a process and normally afterwards I would not want to eat peanut butter for a while.

Today my sister-in-law, Leah, and I got together to make a batch. We had spent a good hour or two working away at it when my mother-in-law comes breezing in (she just came back from town) and after chatting about this and that she was heading out the door and she says we should try the food processor (just got that a month ago). I was like “nah, might break it” she disagreed and was gone.

I took a look at Leah sweating over the crank and thought “ah what the heck” through some peanuts in the machine and lo and behold this happened.

Perfectly smooth.

I will never go back to that sorry old meat grinder again. Thank you Lord for technology!

Hats off!

3 thoughts on “Making it ourselves

  1. Frederick Henderson

    Hi Sarah!

    I tried to make peanut butter on Roatan and was not successfully. Mostly because I gave up too soon. I tried in a blender and did not give it enough time. The peanuts need a rest as you make it and normally the machine too. I read up on this and found that it the commercial process they do two or more “millings” to get the peanut butter to the final product. If the peanut mass gets too hot the oil separates and it also kill the vitamins.

    Believe it or not peanut butter is expensive here in Switzerland. A tiny jar (350 grams) for CHF 3.60. I can get a 1kg bag (1000 grams) of roasted peanuts for CHF 3.40 (The dollar and swiss franc are close to equally in exchange rate, but not exactly and it varies). The only problem is there in too much salt on them but a little shaking in a sieve takes care of that. So, I have started to make our own peanut butter here in Switzerland. Oliver is growing like a bad weed and eats the stuff in large quantities.

    The food processor that I borrow from Marlies mother is ideal for this. It has two blades 180 degrees from each other and one is about a centimeter higher than the other. It also has a pulse mode and this works great for peanut butter. I normally run in on pulse till the mass starts to get sticky and gathers around the blades then run it constant for a second or two to clear the area, then back to pulsing. I keep checking with my hand to see if the machine or the container with the peanut mass is getting too warm. If so, I stop and come back later. Some times I forget and come back the next day. If you want crunchy, I find it best to before making the normal peanut butter to chop up some peanuts in the food processor then fill a jar. You can add these to the creamy as needed. It also saves having to clean out all the peanut butter from the food processor, if you do it before making the peanut butter.

    I hope these tips help!


  2. Danielle

    Now I want to make peanut butter. That was so cool! I love the story of how Nila wanted to ‘fwy’. Such a beautiful amagination.

  3. Shell

    That’s cool that you made your own. It’s organic that way too then! I will have to keep this in mind. I kinda laughed when your mom in law came in and told you to use the food processor. You were probably thinking “why didn’t you tell me sooner?” haha jk


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