My best friend and our Ramadan experience

My best friend is coming, for a whole week!!! I have been trying to get her down here for ages. The plan has been made, ticket booked, no turning back. In eight days I will be picking her up at the air port. The last time I saw her was a year ago in Minneapolis MN. We had decided we wanted to go to a Mediterranean restaurant, not realizing that it was Ramadan or what that would even mean to us that night. All we could think about was eating some good lamb and having a good time catching up. We got to the restaurant and saw a big tent right out in front set up with tables. We glanced at each other wondering what that would mean. We ordered our food, all the people working there had accents and looked middle eastern. Cool I thought. Right before we got our food that we had ordered tons and tons of people came poring into the restaurant and outside into the tent. They all looked like they had just stepped off a plane from Saudi Arabia, Egypt or somewhere in that area . It was an eye opener for me, I have never really thought about the Muslim population we have in the US.


Our huge plate of food finally came. Wow, they really know how to pile it on.

These pictures are taken with my husbands old iPhone, excuse the blur

We had hummus, lamb and well not sure what else, I have forgotten but it was all very good. While eating, above us on the TV was playing this middle eastern sounding music and a guy calling people to pray to Allah . I toyed with the idea of witnessing but was not sure how such a religious and masculine culture would respond to a women telling them about Jesus Christ. I looked around me and all the women were sitting with men, not one women sitting alone. A lot of them were covered from head to toe, so foreign to me. It was starting to feel creepy, my friend and I decided to leave but wanted to take a picture of us together and tried to get this guy to do it for us.

My friend and I and you can see the TV that was blaring its propaganda above us

Guess that was a mistake because the owner (at least seamed liked the owner) came over and said he would do it for us and to leave that man alone. He did not want me taking any pictures of anything else beside us. He was weird. A feeling started coming over me that I was not wanted there, that I was an outsider, we quickly left soon after.  I liked the food but the atmosphere was confining. The whole experienced made me more conscious of the the Muslims in the US and how we need to be sharing the gospel with them. Jesus is the only way as in John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me”.

5 thoughts on “My best friend and our Ramadan experience

  1. Anna H

    I remember that dinner. It was a very interesting evening. 🙂 Fun, but slightly awkward at the restaurant. The food and my immediate company (SARAH) were wonderful, but the ambiance in the restaurant was definitely oppressive.

    I am excited to come!!! Keep all hurricanes away! 🙂

  2. Jerry Gossett

    I wish they had a restaurant like that here in central Ohio. That looks good. Not sure I’d like the stares, though.

  3. Celanie

    Amen to that. We were made very aware of the Muslim presence here recently also and have thought a lot about witnessing to them. How hard it would be and how amazing it would be if God spoke to their hearts and set them free! Anyway, looks like you had some fun times and tasted some delicious food too! I am drooling over your photos of yummy food. 🙂 Miss you guys and praying a lot for your upcoming changes. Love all your updates!


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