Crabs, Pollywogs and gecko hunting

C.T. is s very girlie girl, she enjoys wearing dresses, skirts, and purple flowery attire is her favorite. But yet she is constantly outdoors exploring, stealing eggs from wild chickens, crab and gecko hunting with her partner in crime, Tito. Hermit crabs are a huge delight to them both.

Here they are together crab hunting

Here they are, I am sure, out searching for some little creature to examine and torture though they don’t mean to be cruel.

This is a little crab C.T.s dad gave her. They like to let them hang or crawl on their shoulders.

Recently with the rain it has been polliwogs (or tadpoles as some people call them) and frogs.

They caught this big frog last night. She just reached down and grabbed that thing with no qualms. I used to do stuff like that. In fact I had a whole fish tank full of them at one time. Not something I would recommend though, my room stunk pretty bad. I eventually let them go and than found a turtle to keep. Guess C.T. is not so different from me when I was a little girl.

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