The Louse

I had never had a louse encounter until here. The first infestation was a couple years ago. Not on me but my kids and in laws family. We first found out by a friend who found some on her and than in a close look at my daughters she found a small community on them. I warned my in laws and they checked their kids out and they were totally infested. A lot of the people who come to church have it. It is very prevalent, you can see them on the kids as they come into class. From our first experience with lice we have become pros and know the exact steps to take but man is it a head ache. Lice is something we have come to accept as part of living here.

2 thoughts on “The Louse

    1. This Thankful Heart Post author

      We did fine. We just got a tropical storm, lots of wind and rain. Very nice, we enjoyed it:)


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