The Island

I live on a Caribbean island. Yes the luxurious warm salty waves, sand, palm trees waving in the air, coconuts to spare. Sounds dreamy until you arrive that is. You are hit with a wall of heat, packed full of humidity, cockroaches in your bedroom and no matter how many you kill they keep making an appearance. Yes this is my island. I always wonder how I got here, I never planned it. My dream was Russia, the motherland, and I did go there twice, but for some reason I am here. My favorite thing about living here is probably the beauty and for that I am Thankful.

7 thoughts on “The Island

  1. cLotriet

    Sarah, you did GREAT! And you are a fabulous writer! And you are there, at this exact time in your life, because GOD wants you there! And you certainly have bloomed where you are planted and MORE!!! You are an inspiration to me and Johan and we pray for you guys every day. We feel the same way about where God has planted us, but we are positive God has an amazing work to complete in and through us here. Miss you and love you to pieces…hope we get to see you in the states sometime soon again.

    Take care and Bless you and your lovely family!

  2. Frederick Henderson

    It is a beautiful island. For cockroach control try making them cockroach cookies. They will love them. We used them to keep them under control, however you have smaller children so you will need to find hidden corners that the kids can’t get to, to put them in. The other idea is to put them inside a container the kids can’t get into and make holes that the cockroach can get into. You can call it the cockroach restaurant or a cockroach kitchen.

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  3. Le Ann

    You are in Honduras because you always say “yes” to God, Sarah. While you are sweeping cockroaches out of your bed, or open your door to another day of blazing heat, remember that because you said “yes” against all your former dreams of where you’d like to serve the Lord, God has treasures He is accumulating for you to enjoy in your heavenly mansion, treasures that will last an eternity. Now that is something to be thankful for, in the midst of high costs, monotonous heat and cockroaches everywhere. God bless your faithfulness and Thanks for sharing.

    1. This Thankful Heart Post author

      Thanks Le Ann. I think its is funny that I am where you would like to be. Maybe someday you will be here too. God bless

  4. Gabra

    I wouldn’t be blessed to know you all if you hadn’t gone to Roatan even though you wanted to go elsewhere, and had been in Russia instead. You’re a blessing to so many people! Love, hugs and prayers.


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