The local YMCA is fabulous, especially with the long cold winters. My daughters miss swimming terribly. They were constantly  asking and I would explain how cold it was and that we would not be able to swim until it got hot outside. Nini would come to me constantly and tell me how hot it was now even when you would show her bare cold facts

of this.  She is a total island girl and misses days like

this. Let me tell you, you may think you wish you were here in this picture right now but it is hot. I remember this day, I think it was one of the many hot days of the year. Serious hotness like the water is so warm its like bath water hotness.

Now this day on the other hand was a gorgeous Roatan day. The intensity of the sun is hiding behind a cloud, a nice breeze is blowing, perfect, makes you want to live there forever.

We checked into the local Y and it has been a life saver, kids love it. Not only does it have a pool but an indoor ice skating rink, indoor soccer field, a climbing wall, the pool also has a big water slide, child care and all the other stuff  YMCA’s have, this place has all the bells and whistles. Very thankful.

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