Our first house

On April 15th the house became ours. The house was built in 1920 and it has such character, we love it! The Lord has blessed us. The down stairs looks gorgeous but the upstairs needs some help. The plumbing and electricity has to be redone so we aren’t able to move in yet. Lord willing we hope that in a month all that will be taken care of. Here are a few pictures. I will have to put more up later.

Picture taken from the living room looking into dinning room. The orange carpet we have taken out.

Dinning room facing an old coal stove. The french doors to the right lead to the foyer and you can see the stairs that go upstairs. We have already ripped out the ugly orange carpet on the steps, has lovely wood under.

Cool sink in the down stairs bathroom.

One of the down stairs bedrooms.

We got a really good deal for the house. Such a good deal that people comment that you can’t even get a new car for that price. We can only give the glory to God. This place is total fixer upper which I think we are up for the challenge.

5 thoughts on “Our first house

  1. Celanie

    Oh may oh my, that is one gorgeous house with very gorgeous bones! You are very blessed indeed! Praise God for taking such great care of our dead friends!! Enjoy and give the kiddos a big hug for us!

  2. Aunt Mary

    It is Beautiful! 🙂
    I love it!
    Oh to be young enough to want to tackle a fixer upper…
    I am very happy for you!

  3. Bob Warman

    WOW… your place looks great…. we love houses like the one our Heavenly Father has blessed you with…… enjoy and may He be glorified and may His name be held high…


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