Getting about

With only have one vehicle and C.T. is out of school my husband gets the car since he has to drive to his job sights during the week. That leaves me and the kids stranded at home or not! One thing I like about living in town is things are in walking distance and I prefer to walk any way so it works well. The best tool I have found for getting about is this.

It can hook it up to a bike or be pushed.  It is big enough that I can squeeze in the three kids. I am also able to walk at a nice speed which is very pleasant. I found it at a thrift store other wise new they start at 100. I am very thankful for this contraption.

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    1. This Thankful Heart Post author

      Umm it is called like a kids bike trailer. They have different brands, you can get ones that just hook up to your bike or ones that not only hook up to your bike but you can push it by hand. I think the brand of that one is Instep.


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