School days are almost here

With school coming up my husband and I had to make a decision as to send C.T. to public school or homeschool.

C.T. with her class last school year

In the end homeschool won. My three favorite reasons are being able to teach what I want like the Bible for instance, the flexibility of it and having her home.

3 thoughts on “School days are almost here

  1. Celanie

    those are great reasons and are on my list too! Also, it’s Biblical to train and teach our own children 🙂 I love the fact that my children are able to find out who God created them to be and where they stand before going out into the world. Unlike having the world of public school shape and mold them into what and who they think my children should be. Yeah, I could go on, but I won’t. 😉 It is a huge BLESSING to have the freedom to homeschool in our country!

    1. This Thankful Heart Post author

      I agree,it is a huge blessing. I still can’t get over that it is illegal in Germany to homeschoool.


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