My dentist

When I first arrived in the US my tooth started to hurt, it hurt enough to drive me to a dentist. After finding one I went and he told me I needed a root canal.  I did not like my dentist, not just because he said I needed a root canal(that did not help though) but because he was a little impersonal  (I was spoiled by my dentist in Honduras) and just did not like his mannerism. I went and got my tooth pulled instead of a root canal it was more affordable. I also had a bunch of cavities that needed worked on but they did not schedule me for another appointment till 8 months later. So my dentist was low on my list. Now after eight months of thinking about it I just decided to be thankful that I was able to find a dentist.  When I went last week for my appointment I liked how speedy he got my teeth filled. I have TMJ so the less time my jaw is opened the better.  Now my resentment is over with, I have been healed and am THANKFUL.

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