Russian Vareniki and Italian tortellini

We found this great piece of equipment at my moms house

Its a pasta maker made in Italy, very nice quality. My husband who has a noodle fascination wanted to make his own noodles and I love to eat noodles especially things like Russian pelmeni and Vareniki. Pelmenis are small dumplings consisting of seasoned ground meat wrapped in a thin dough pocket. The dough is made of flour, water and salt. Vareniki is the same thing accept its a vegetarian version. They are stored in the freezer and than you cook in boiling water till they float.

First we made vareniki with mushrooms and potatoes.

The dough we ran through the pasta maker till it was very thin

using this glass to cute the dough and make the size we wanted

than filled them and. . .

folded them over, we wet our fingers to help make them stick together more and than folded the edges up and under. I don’t have any pictures of that

Here is when we were making the Tortellini. We did the same process accept the dough is made with flour, egg and salt and the middle is filled with ricotta and shrimp

Here is the ricotta and shrimp.

Finished product!!! We ate the Tortellini with some home made pasta sauce and the Vareniki we ate with  mayo or catsup. Between the them both my favorite was the vareniki.

2 thoughts on “Russian Vareniki and Italian tortellini

  1. Sasha

    this is torture! 🙂 I’ve been thinking of making pelmeni and vareniki for a while already, just haven’t been able to find a good block of time as it is a time-consuming process for doing it all by myself. But i have to say, no mayo or catsup for vareniki…. SMETANA! 🙂

    1. This Thankful Heart Post author

      It is very time consuming I agree. I have only made it three times in my life. I totally forgot about eating it with sour cream. I miss the Russian mayonnaise, it is way better. To bad we could not get together and make pelmeni together.


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