I am a 34 year old pastors wife and homeschooling mom of 6 brilliant children, I say brillaiant well because I am their mother so of course I think so.

I grew up in a large family of five brothers and four sisters so all together there was ten of us in the clan.

We had a great childhood and lived in eight different states. My favorite state was Oregon. I love to travel.


When I was sixteen my uncle invited me to go with him to Ecuador to visit my cousin (his daughter and her family was living there at the time). It was my first time out of the US.


My best friend and I went on a mission trip to Austria and Poland when we were 18. On our trip we were also able to see a little of the Czech Republic, Bratislava and Hungary. Budapest is wonderful by the way.

Russia and Honduras

When I was 20 I went to Moscow Russia for a summer internship. While there I met my husband, he was a missionary serving in another city and had come to Moscow for a few days on his way to a friends wedding. In 04 I moved to southern California where my husband is from and we got married

After my husband and I got married we went to Roatan Honduras in 05 to assist his parents with a church plant there. We lived there for six months, our oldest daughter was born there. We had to return to the US when she was a 3 weeks old because she was born with a cleft lip and pallet. After she had a few surgeries done we returned to the Mission field but this time we went to Russia.


We had planned to live there long term but the Lord had different ideas. After 6 months there we felt the Lord leading us back to Honduras


At present we now live in the northern US and are still serving the Lord. My husband is the pastor of Calvary SonRise Oshkosh.


I find great pleasure in being active, I enjoy running, Pilates and HITT training. 

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  1. corrina valley

    I love you so much. you give so much, have a beautiful family, and somehow woderfully manage everything you do, but always remembering that God is our first LOVE, AGAPE LOVE!!!



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