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Yep, it’s official now I’ve hit the 3 0 There is this e-card floating around the Internet that has this quote that goes like this “I’m thirty but I still feel twenty…. Until I hang around with twenty year olds than I’m like no, never mind, I’m thirty.” That sums up how I feel about my age.

I had a good day. Had like a double party. My sister and her family came over and we had lunch/dinner than everyone showed up for study and it was a party all over again. I am blessed, God is good. The one draw back is my family from Honduras was here and they flew out early this morning so knowing they were leaving was a bit, no majorly depressing, but am thankful they were here as long as they were.

Tea Time

Waking up to a cool rainy morning totally got me into the mood of tea and cozying up to a book. So after school with the kids I made some scones and had a lovely tea time with my oldest and the Lil’ guy (everyone else was napping) I wish I did it more often, going to have to try to work it into our daily routine. Now time to lose myself in a book.