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Spent all day yesterday in Chicago at Shriners hospital. We thought it was going to be a quick trip. Not sure why, Charlie was having a procedure done. For her ears to be properly cleaned she has to be put under. There were 2 other kids ahead of her. She had to wait.

The kids played outside and inside the whole day. Shriners hospital has both indoor and out door play area. The kids were entertained for the most part.

Nila was very concerned about Charlie and tried to be with her as much as possible.

It made for a very long day. We arrived home by 9:30 no place like home. Everything went well.

Post surgery

My oldest had a surgery on her right hand and left foot 6 weeks ago.

It has been a hard summer to be in a cast with it being so hot, all one wants to do is swim.
Her cast was removed a week ago, we have been doing lots of swimming since. Her hand and foot seam to be healing nicely.

She can now straighten her finger which before she could not. It seams the surgeries have been a success! Praise the Lord for that. We can can now enjoy the rest of the summer a bit more freely.