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More summer fun

We’ve been having a great summer. One of my goals was to be out doors as much as possible so when winter comes I will not feel I waisted any of summers warmth.

We had a lot of playing in the alley.

This one learned to ride with out training wheels early on.

We went to the 4th of July parade.

We did our yearly trip to Bay Beach.

Got our first family photo in I am not sure how long. I do know our last one was before the lil guy was born. Pretty sad. I think this fall we’ll be working on some proper family photos. We did lots of back beaching (filling up the kid pool). Now I am looking forward to a nice pleasant Autumn.


Ran with my coach this morning. She has a different style of going about a morning workout. When she wants to run we run when she wants to walk we walk. She encourages greeting everyone we go by passionately whether they like it or not. She points out how important it is to be observant when out, not just with our eyes but nose too. Yes we may spot a bunny and go madly after it but that’s all in a morning workout with my coach. Not dull at all.

My coach

Me and my coach

She’s just a wuppy

American girl store

While in the Windy City we went to the American girl store.

It’s a pretty cool place for little girls or the young at heart.

It’s amazing all the accessories one can drum up for a doll.

Does your doll appear to need to play an instrument?

Not to worry, you can get her this fine guitar

Or This lovely violin. There is also a piano or cello. Yes much to choose from. Your doll can also get skiing, figure skating or soccer gear and out fits, you name it they’ve got it.

The good thing about the location is next door is the lego store.

So if the guys get bored they can escape.

We let Charlie pick out her doll, she chose Saige the American girl of the year.



Yep, it’s official now I’ve hit the 3 0 There is this e-card floating around the Internet that has this quote that goes like this “I’m thirty but I still feel twenty…. Until I hang around with twenty year olds than I’m like no, never mind, I’m thirty.” That sums up how I feel about my age.

I had a good day. Had like a double party. My sister and her family came over and we had lunch/dinner than everyone showed up for study and it was a party all over again. I am blessed, God is good. The one draw back is my family from Honduras was here and they flew out early this morning so knowing they were leaving was a bit, no majorly depressing, but am thankful they were here as long as they were.

Re did the upstairs bathroom

A few weeks back we finally finished our upstairs bathroom. It was pretty bad when we first moved in so last year we had it gutted and now finally this year we finished it. We hired my brother to do some grunt work than my husband and I finished up the rest. We mudded the walls and than painted. My husband did the pluming. Than we painstakingly cut and sanded each of the marble tiles.Yes we have a marble tiled bathroom!



Here are three photos of the process. Before paint, after painting and than tile work in the shower. We still need to put up wainscot and the shelves but other than that it is done.

Floor and looking at the feet of the vanity.

The vanity Clint put together, found a dresser on Craigslist, it was a little short so he bought feet to put on it than instilled the sink. He did a nice job. My husband also instilled a laundry shoot in between the wall. You can see it to the right of the mirror. Needs to be framed and put some type of door over it.

20130421-140051.jpg Here we have a hand sprayer and a body spray.

Out of the ceiling is the shower head and lights.The bathroom turned out a bit more fancy than I had originally thought. My husband has very fine visions and the ability to a actually do it.

Candida diet (2)

This is my third week on the candida diet. The first 2 weeks I did really good. Friday of last week we went to Chicago for a doc appointment for my oldest gromlet (a.k.a. my oldest daughter) so it made following the diet hard and than we went to Culvers on the way home and I love their custard so had to eat that and did not get back on the band wagon for another couple days. Now though my husband had agreed to do one week with me than we are done. It has been really good for us because it has made us eat a lot more veggies and whole grains and no sugary junk. We are going to start adding a lot more whole grains and veggies to our diet now and try to keep sugary process foods out of it and try to use natural sugars like agave and etc. It has been fun creating new dishes.

I have been running all summer

Me after a run in my running gear. I first worked up to 3 miles than to 5 and after running 5 I felt good that I can do it but am happy doing just 3 mile runs. I try to do that at least 3 times a week. My husband started swimming and I was thinking I should give that a go because when it gets to cold I won’t want to run as much and it would give my upper body a work out too. I loaded up on some books at the library and figured what I want to do and headed to the Y. I have found it surprising enough fun and relaxing. Another thing nice about swimming is we can all do it together as a family.

Candida diet (sort of)

Little D has thrush in her mouth. She had a fever a week ago and must have gotten thrush around than. I did not notice it till it affected me. We both have it, hers in the mouth and mine on my breast. The Lil’ guy had gotten it when he was around this age and I went off of sugar till it went away. This time around I did the same but also looked to see what else one should not eat when getting rid of yeast infections and honestly there are a lot of things you aren’t supposed to eat.  Here is a link to foods to avoid there are a lot of them. I have done pretty good with not eating most of them but failed a bit with potatoes, beans, wheat and oats. I had not realized I was not supped to be eating rolled oats (which I have had with no sugar only cinnamon and coconut oil for breakfast, its quite good). For some reason I thought I could eat those 4 items and had been the last couple of days but now that I know what is on the can eat list I am going to try to do that as best I can. For me just going off of sugar is a big thing. It has been 3 days now and going well. I am eating better, not being able to eat any type of sugar has been the hardest because I have such a sweet tooth, it had been getting a bit out of hand so this is a good thing.