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Ran with my coach this morning. She has a different style of going about a morning workout. When she wants to run we run when she wants to walk we walk. She encourages greeting everyone we go by passionately whether they like it or not. She points out how important it is to be observant when out, not just with our eyes but nose too. Yes we may spot a bunny and go madly after it but that’s all in a morning workout with my coach. Not dull at all.

My coach

Me and my coach

She’s just a wuppy

Candida diet (2)

This is my third week on the candida diet. The first 2 weeks I did really good. Friday of last week we went to Chicago for a doc appointment for my oldest gromlet (a.k.a. my oldest daughter) so it made following the diet hard and than we went to Culvers on the way home and I love their custard so had to eat that and did not get back on the band wagon for another couple days. Now though my husband had agreed to do one week with me than we are done. It has been really good for us because it has made us eat a lot more veggies and whole grains and no sugary junk. We are going to start adding a lot more whole grains and veggies to our diet now and try to keep sugary process foods out of it and try to use natural sugars like agave and etc. It has been fun creating new dishes.

I have been running all summer

Me after a run in my running gear. I first worked up to 3 miles than to 5 and after running 5 I felt good that I can do it but am happy doing just 3 mile runs. I try to do that at least 3 times a week. My husband started swimming and I was thinking I should give that a go because when it gets to cold I won’t want to run as much and it would give my upper body a work out too. I loaded up on some books at the library and figured what I want to do and headed to the Y. I have found it surprising enough fun and relaxing. Another thing nice about swimming is we can all do it together as a family.