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Candida diet (sort of)

Little D has thrush in her mouth. She had a fever a week ago and must have gotten thrush around than. I did not notice it till it affected me. We both have it, hers in the mouth and mine on my breast. The Lil’ guy had gotten it when he was around this age and I went off of sugar till it went away. This time around I did the same but also looked to see what else one should not eat when getting rid of yeast infections and honestly there are a lot of things you aren’t supposed to eat.  Here is a link to foods to avoid there are a lot of them. I have done pretty good with not eating most of them but failed a bit with potatoes, beans, wheat and oats. I had not realized I was not supped to be eating rolled oats (which I have had with no sugar only cinnamon and coconut oil for breakfast, its quite good). For some reason I thought I could eat those 4 items and had been the last couple of days but now that I know what is on the can eat list I am going to try to do that as best I can. For me just going off of sugar is a big thing. It has been 3 days now and going well. I am eating better, not being able to eat any type of sugar has been the hardest because I have such a sweet tooth, it had been getting a bit out of hand so this is a good thing.